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Domination is an endgame in which the alliances battle for world domination. To win Domination worlds you will need to think strategically, and hammer your opponents into submission until you can finally call the world yours.


Capture and hold a high percentage of cities in the world.

Dominancia kora

The Domination Era starts after a period of time depended on the speed and settings of the world passes. The pre-domination time should be enough for you and your alliance to solidify but not long enough that you will feel safe.

Világ sebesség Dominancia korának kezdő ideje (kezdettől napban számítva)
Lassú Normál Gyors
1 300 240 180
2 225 180 135
3 187,5 150 112,5
4 150 120 90

Once the Domination Era starts, some islands on the world will be selected as valid islands. You can find more information about this below. Domination Era lasts until an alliance is able to capture and control 40% of valid cities shown in the Domination tab.

Dominancia célja

Domination objective starts of as 40%. This value will start to decrease after some time has passed in the world (this time is predetermined by the speed and settings of the world). Domination objective will decrease based on the current progress of the top alliances until it becomes close enough to be reachable. Once the value starts decreasing, it will do so every 14 days.

Érvényes szigetek

Valid island.png

Once the Domination Era starts, the system will sweep the entire world from the center out, checking for substantial player presence and marking the valid islands. The system stops once it reaches a predetermined percentage of player presence. Only cities in these islands will be considered for the total domination value. Only large islands (islands with farming villages) will be marked as valid.

Végső harc

Once an alliance reaches the domination value, it will be eligible to start Last stand. This alliance has 14 days to activate Last stand, or it will start automatically. Once Last stand mode is activated, the alliance will have to hold their domination value above the objective for a certain amount of days influenced by the speed of the world. If successful, this alliance becomes the winner of the world.

Világ sebesség Végső harc ideje
1 28 nap
2 21 nap
3 17,5 nap
4 14 nap

Ne feledd:

  • During last stand, all cities located on valid islands will be attackable even if vacation mode is activated.
  • If the domination value falls bellow the objective at any time, last stand is instantly deactivated and the alliance loses the ability to turn it on until it reaches the objective again.

Világ vége

When an alliance is declared the winner, the world enters peace time. Peace time lasts 14 days and the world is then closed.