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Looking for something to do with that pair of cowboy boots in your closet that doesn't involve line dancing or riding a mechanical bull? Well, you're in luck - because as it turns out, there are lots of scenarios in which a pair of cowboy boots would be perfectly appropriate, and it doesn't have to be within the context of western apparel, either! Probably the most classic way to wear cowboy boots is with jeans - a look that dates back to the times when western wear was the prevalent style, and not just something you saw in blank and white movies and costume shops.ugg botas , Apart from wearing cowboy boots with jeans, what are some other ways you can wear cowboy boots and get away with it without it being a western apparel-themed outfit?

Wearing cowboy boots with leggings or tights is another way to bring legwear into the picture outside of the customary jeans.moncler jackets , Leggings and tights are a little bit more daring than the jeans, but it can work quite well if you know how to do it right.abercrombie and fitch caps , Some people have no problem pulling off brightly colored tights or leggings under a plain pair of cowboy boots, paired with a simple dress and possibly a cardigan depending on the weather.abercrombie & fitch , Leggings and tights are just a couple of examples of ways to wear cowboy boots with different types of leg wear. An extension of this ensemble that might work would be cowboy boots and a tunic dress (with or without a pair of tights or leggings). Remember to keep the colors in your outfit simple because cowboy boots will always be a statement in and of themselves.

As far as the dress goes, it really needs to be the right dress to work fantastically with a pair of cowboy boots. If you pick the right dress and accessories, you can really rock the cowboy boots without anyone associating the look with western wear. Nothing says "casual elegance" like a pair of cowboy boots worn with a flowery, loose, casual dress that hits just above the knee. The secret to pulling this off is keeping it understated and subtle; there's no need to overdo it with lots of extra "stuff" in the form of accessories. You can go simple with neutral prints and solids or you can go bold with bright colors and patterns--either way, nothing sets off the look like a pair of cowboy boots.